French-Allen Family Minecraft

Welcome to the page on the web for all things to do with Minecraft Realms for the French-Allen Family.

Realm Info

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SPAWN: (, , )



Nether Portals


Rules of the Realm

General Rules

  1. No griefing without consent. Make sure the other player is okay with others messing with them, their items, or their creations before doing it.
  2. When finding a spot to start building, make sure that the starting point is at least 1600 blocks from any other player. Consult the table or use the tool to figure out if the desired coordinates are OK to start with.
  3. All players are allowed any amount of new starting points, as long as they use Rule #2 as a guideline for each new starting point.
  4. Permission granted from a player contrary to any of these rules will always come first. Have fun most of all.

Common Grounds

  1. The area 800 blocks surrounding spawn is common area. All resources and land in this space are open for anyone to use and build on, and structures built in this space are shared by the realm community.
  2. Building here is free and open, though it is advised that all players communicate and work together to build a space that is appreciated by the community. Figure out what the space needs and build it. A farm? A train station? Roads?
  3. All players can build one structure in the common area that they can claim ownership of in order to place a bed, store items, etc. The structure needs to be labelled with the player's username. Respect other players' personal items & structures in the common area.

The Nether

  1. Land in The Nether is free and open to explore and build on.
  2. Respect other players' structures and portals.

The End

  1. Land in The End is free and open to explore and build on.
  2. Respect other players' structures.
  3. Do not kill the Ender Dragon. Doing this needs majority approval from the active players on the realm.

Starting Point Tool

Use this tool to figure out if your starting point is too close to anyone else. Enter your coordinates and press the button.